Business recovery services

Business recovery services

Get help as soon as signs of trouble appear

Our key focus is to help turn around businesses in financial difficulty. We do this by:

  • Independent business reviews
  • Performance improvement
  • Refinancing
  • Financial forecasting
  • Business plan analysis
  • Assessment of business governance
  • Assisting with business monitoring
  • Assisting with customer or creditor disputes


Sometimes the situation may have deteriorated to a point where continued business under the present structure may no longer be viable. In this case options may narrow down to:

  • Voluntary Administration
  • Creditor compromise
  • Innovation asset realisation strategies
  • Liquidations
  • Receivership

It’s our role to independently advise you on which approach is likely to be best for you and the business, based upon your particular circumstances. Once you’ve decided, our team has the expertise to achieve the effective, efficient and timely implementation of the chosen option.

Seeking advice at the earliest opportunity is key. We’ll work with you to improve your position, contact one of our experts now.


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Business Recovery and insolvency 500x500 opt3
04 May 2023

A brief look at business recovery and insolvency

Every business owner starts out with dreams of success and wealth. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems and many businesses run into trouble at some stage in their life cycle.

Creditor compromise 500x500
04 Apr 2023

Creditor compromises: A guide for companies

Even profitable and viable companies can find themselves unable to pay their creditors. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as the failure of a major customer, unprofitable contracts, employee theft, lengthy litigation and, unfortunately, a pandemic or extreme weather events.

Statutory Demands 500x500
21 Mar 2023

How Statutory Demands enforce debt payment

We speak to Philip Macey of our Taranaki office about the use of Statutory Demands to recover debt and their role in liquidations…

Business failure 500x500
01 Mar 2023

Early intervention brings best chance of revival

If times are tough, would you recognise when your business needs external help? Here, we highlight why businesses fail, the warning signs and the options when recovery is becoming tenuous or impossible.

StretchSense 500x500
06 Dec 2022

The story of a business plucked out of the fire

There aren’t a lot of successful voluntary administrations when New Zealand businesses are struggling, but occasionally one of them lives to fight another day. One such business – StretchSense, came under the guidance of Baker Tilly Staples Rodway.

Business Recovery and insolvency 500x500 opt1
11 Aug 2022

Helping businesses that are insolvent or at risk

It’s been a lean couple of years for some amid COVID-19 restrictions, geopolitical issues and rising inflation and interest rates, but we can help if your business is faltering.

Construction Challenges 500x500 July 22
19 Jul 2022

Knotty time for building and construction

The building and construction sector has come under significant pressure in recent times. Auckland associate director Asheel Bharos looks at the statistics and challenges, and how those in the industry can help safeguard their business.

27 Jul 2020

The Government Business Finance Guarantee Scheme - at the coalface

The Business Finance Guarantee Scheme was effective from 1 April, introduced in response to the COVID-19 economic downturn. While great in theory, when you delve into the detail, it's less useful than might first appear.

23 Jul 2020

The changing landscape for New Zealand business migrants

Andrew Sayers recently joined Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Waikato. In a former role Andrew was Managing Partner and International Liaison Partner of a large Australasian accounting firm.

23 Jun 2020

Strategies to survive a downturn

As we all know, there is significant global economic uncertainty as countries deal with COVID-19, and the steps taken to control it. Most countries are expecting to enter recession, if they are not in one already.

19 Jun 2020

Restructuring and redundancies

Many businesses are facing unprecedented times and have been forced to consider if they can continue to operate in the same manner as before.  

11 May 2020

How businesses survive and thrive after a crisis

As a Business Development Manager, I spend a lot of my time looking to the future and preparing businesses for their future. Well that future has changed dramatically during this year.

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