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Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Auckland was founded in 1945 and has grown to be one of New Zealand’s leading independent accounting firms. We have 17 directors leading a team of over 120 professional staff providing great service to a wide range of clients.

For many businesses, accountancy is just a service they need – not something picked for its added value. At Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Auckland, our talented people and diverse range of services mean that we can be so much more for our clients.


“We wrote the original New Zealand Staples Tax Guide – and it’s still published under that name. ”


Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Auckland has been one of New Zealand’s most trusted independent accountancy firms for more than 70 years. Having worked with some of our clients for several generations, we know first-hand how building strong relationships is key to business continuity and lasting success.

What does this mean for you? For a start it means we care about your business and your personal ambitions, so we work very hard to help you find ways to grow wealth and keep it secure. Next, it means you can rely on us to go beyond the obvious; we use our deep knowledge of the New Zealand business landscape to come up with innovative ideas. We also think clearly and proactively about what kind of services are going to help you and how to make those services affordable and effective. That means making maximum use of technology to deliver services more quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Specialist Areas


Tax compliance and practical consulting services for all tax types.

Audit, assurance & risk

Audit and Assurance services, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Business advisory

All accounting and compliance matters combined with practically-focused expert advice.

Financial modelling

Obtain greater clarity and control over Business performance now, and for the future.

Business recovery

Voluntary and solvent liquidations. Helping businesses recover from troubled times.

Company directorships, governance & administration

Assistance with company governance and administration, including providing professional and...


28 Sep 2018

Technology and the investing world

Technology is an inescapable factor in the investment world. Whether that be the investment opportunity...

26 Sep 2018

State of the Cloud Nation

Cloud technology has been around for a while now, and we thought it an opportune time to take stock of...

28 Jun 2018

International Disclosure of Financial Information

You may have heard recent news of various international regimes requiring the disclosure of financial...

27 Jun 2018

Business Leaders pessimistic about the budget

A balanced Budget, mandatory Kiwisaver contributions, and an overhaul of the tax system are the key items...

27 Jun 2018

Are you ready for the return of inflation?

Last year the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) started talking about the return of inflation to the...

27 Jun 2018

The Overseas Investment Act is Changing - What do you Need to Know?

There are significant changes proposed to the Overseas Investment Act 2005 which will have far-reaching...

26 Jun 2018

Tax Freedom Day

Tax Freedom Day marks the hypothetical day that New Zealanders stop working to pay the nation’s tax...

22 Jun 2018

Working out our Differences

With the number of Australian based companies entering or operating in New Zealand, it is surprising...

17 May 2018

Tax Talk | Budget 2018

Don’t Scare The Horses!!
Budget 2018 has seen the government keep its promise of no new taxes, but...

10 May 2018

Tax Talk | May 2018

Welcome to Staples Rodway Tax TalkIn this edition we discuss:The Resurrection Of The R&D Tax CreditResidential...

07 May 2018

Tax Freedom Day two days later than last year

The impact of cancelling the tax relief package has been revealed: one day's worth of taxes [image src="/assets/Uploads/up-to-26/02/2019/55b0eda7a3/ST-Tax-Freedom-Day-2018.jpg"...

19 Apr 2018

The New AML Regime - is there a Silver Lining

If you have tried to open a bank account recently or move some funds from overseas you will no doubt...

09 Apr 2018

Tax Talk | April 2018

Welcome to Staples Rodway Tax Talk
In this edition we discuss:
Overseas buyer restrictions on their way

26 Mar 2018

Finding Common Ground - How to Resolve Disputes Without Damaging your Business Relationships

There are many ways to solve a financial dispute. But how do you decide which one will deliver the best...

23 Mar 2018

Sustainability Growing in Staples Rodway's Auckland Office

As part of our Auckland office’s CEMARS certification on 30 March 2017 we have formed a sustainability...

22 Mar 2018

Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing

The sustainable investment movement has grown enormously in the past decade. In the early days, it was...

20 Mar 2018

SME Leap Summit - Leading Enterprise Acceleration and Productivity

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway is passionate about helping SMEs add value to their businesses. 

20 Mar 2018

Highlighting Sustainability in Financial Reporting

There are growing demands for more holistic performance information, particularly from investors and...

20 Mar 2018

Rachel Brown - Sustainable Business Network CEO


23 Jan 2018

Tax Talk | January 2018

Welcome to Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Tax TalkIn this edition we discuss:GST changes for exporters to...

17 Dec 2017

Saving it for Later - the Christmas Club for your Golden Years

The tradition of squirreling away money over the year in a Christmas Club to save for Christmas has become...

15 Dec 2017

Revealed: How much will the 12 Days of Christmas set you back?

The annual 12 Days of Kiwiana Christmas list is back, taking a look at how your Christmas will be adding...

12 Dec 2017

Canteen CEO - Claudine Young

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Women in Business regularly interviews interesting women who have achieved...

12 Dec 2017

Keeping on the Good Side of Charities Services

A number of charities, including two of those controlled by Destiny Church, have recently made the headlines...

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