Baker Tilly Staples Rodway provides a full menu of audit services including statutory audits for businesses of all sizes from listed companies to charities and schools. We also offer specialised audit services.

Financial statement audits

Our risk-based audit methodology provides the foundation for a highly effective audit that brings assurance and gives insights into key areas of business risk. While audits provide assurance to various stakeholders, other benefits from a Baker Tilly Staples Rodway audit include:

  • Where required, reviewing compliance with regulatory obligations
  • Providing an independent and commercially-based view of performance
  • Enhancing overall corporate governance processes
  • Opportunities for improved business performance through identification and effective communication of issues and other business insights arising from the audit
Grant audits

Many grant providers require you to have your financial statements audited or reviewed. Audits and reviews are specific services that must be undertaken in line with professional standards and may go beyond what your grant provider really needs. We can work with you and your funding provider to determine what assurance they require (i.e. whether they want assurance that the grant was spent on the purpose for which it was made or that specific outcomes were achieved).


Special purpose audits

We can help you design a targeted audit plan to provide assurance on a specific area of your business or project.

Trust accounts & other audits

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway has extensive experience in undertaking the audit of solicitors’ and real estate agents’ trust accounts and providing advice on appropriate trust accounting policies. We also undertake other non-statutory audits, including audits for private equity investors and other financiers.


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