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These workshops below are eligible for Regional Business Partner Network Capability Voucher Funding (50% off the workshop fee), please contact Venture Taranaki to determine your eligibility or talk to our Business Development Manager, Lindie Meintjes


Marketing - Back to Basics

If you find marketing/advertising confusing, difficult or challenging, and you’re not sure what you’re doing is working, where to next, or how to best use, grow and promote your brand with the tools you have (social media, website or other) to market your business, then this 3-step workshop series should help you grow your marketing skills and provide you with clear, tangible actions to use. It’s practical, hands on training for your business. 

6-8 hours in aggregate

$2,200 + GST


Social Media Marketing, Advertising - Content Creation

Facebook and Instagram workshop. Learn about Social Media Marketing, Advertising and Content Creation.

3 hour workshop - $495 + GST



Strategic Marketing Planning

Understand the WHY behind your marketing with a strategic marketing plan. Dive deeper than just advertising and understand what your business needs to do to effectively market your business now and in the years to come.

$3,000 + GST

08 Aug 2022

Across the Offices: Our August 22 round-up

Our regional offices have been busy at work and in the community of late. The Taranaki team won a surfboard, Hawke's Bay has been supporting a suicide awareness and prevention programme and Wellington has been team-building, to name a few. . .

02 Aug 2022

Seventy-five years of stories and service

This month our Tauranga office celebrates its 75th anniversary. Director John Donald has been with the firm for 53 years and director Neville Grey for 49 – almost as long as they’ve been married, they joke. They talk about what’s changed and what hasn’t.

26 Jul 2022

Ways to safeguard your business from cybercrime

Following on from last week’s look at the changing face of cybercrime, let’s consider ways to protect your business from hackers, using the latest advice from CERT NZ and Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Taranaki Specialist Services director Rob McEwan.

21 Jul 2022

The changing face of cybercrime across NZ

Are Kiwi business sufficiently equipped to fend off cyber attacks? It appears not. We look at cybercrime statistics in New Zealand and discuss the profile of the modern hacker.

19 Jul 2022

Challenging times for building and construction

The building and construction sector has come under significant pressure in recent times. Let's look at the statistics and challenges, and how those in the industry can help safeguard their business.

12 Jul 2022

Things heating up in the climate change space

There is no doubt about it – things are heating up in the climate change arena, with New Zealand leading the way in setting climate reporting standards.

06 Jul 2022

Around the offices: July 2022 round-up

Welcome to our Around the Offices round-up! It’s the first edition of periodic updates celebrating staff achievements and community involvement across our eight New Zealand offices.

05 Jul 2022

Kevin reflects on 40 years of service and teamwork

It’s been 40 years since Corporate Advisory Services director Kevin Pitfield rolled up to our Auckland office for his first day of work. Back then he was a raw 17-year-old, unsure whether he wanted to be an accountant.

30 Jun 2022

Tax Talk | Rates revamp for the 2022 income year

Inland Revenue has recently published various updated standard rates, and we outline these below:

28 Jun 2022

Here’s what to factor in for your on-farm budget

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the importance of agriculturalists knowing their financial position, ready for what could be a bumpy ride through the 2023 season.

23 Jun 2022

Team touts the benefits of using the right software

It’s an age-old issue – a business purchases software and it isn’t right for the job. Staff throw up their hands in dismay as everyone grapples with a tool that is a help on some levels and a hindrance on others.

21 Jun 2022

Good brand design helps bring business success

You may wonder how people who “just make pictures in Photoshop” can affect your bottom line… well, read on.

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