Marketing workshops

Marketing workshops

We offer Marketing Strategy and Back-to Basics Marketing workshops, and Social Media One-on-Ones to enhance your understanding of marketing practices.

Our workshops are very much "brains before beauty" and have been developed to help you better understand the why, how and when of marketing practice.

Back-to-basics marketing

Do you find marketing/advertising confusing or challenging? Are you unsure whether your marketing is working, what to do next, or how to use, grow and promote your brand with the tools you have (social media, website or other)? Then this three-step workshop series will help you grow your marketing skills and provide you with clear, tangible actions. It’s practical, hands-on training for your business.

Time required: Six to eight hours in aggregate.
Cost: $2,200 + GST

Social media one-on–one

Do you want to learn how to use Facebook and Instagram to communicate with your customers, promote your business and increase sales? This one-on-one training session is designed for businesses to learn the core basics of reaching and engaging with key audiences on Facebook and Instagram. In this social media workshop, we will walk through each step to create organic posts and targeted ads directly on your business’s Facebook page.

Time required: Three-hour workshop.
Cost: $495 + GST*

Marketing strategy

Understand the WHY behind your marketing with a strategic marketing plan. Dive deeper than just advertising and understand how to effectively market your business, now and in years to come.

Time required: Six to seven hours in aggregate.
Cost: $3,000 + GST

The Regional Business Partner Network (RPB) funds training and advice for small-to-medium businesses across New Zealand. 

Many of our clients are from Taranaki, and they can apply through local RPB member Venture Taranaki, as per the details below:

*Small businesses may qualify for up to 50% funding to help pay for services such as training workshops, courses and coaching that build the management capabilities of their owners and key managers. Please contact Venture Taranaki to determine your eligibility.

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