Australia services team

Australia services team

Many Australian businesses are interested in expanding their operations into New Zealand. Whether you want to establish a new retail branch, a service centre or any other type of business you will be faced with a range of tax and other issues. It's best to have a local advisor who can help you get set up and operating effectively.

Services for Australian tax agents

It is common for tax agents and service providers in Australia to have clients who are looking to expand into New Zealand or who have existing operations in New Zealand. It can be challenging to meet the needs of these clients if you do not have an office or representation in this country.

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway offers access to specialist expertise, without the concern of referring your valuable client on to another accounting firm. We provide your clients with the additional advice and assistance they are looking for, while preserving and reinforcing your existing relationship.

Benefits of engaging with Baker Tilly Staples Rodway

  • Skilled advisors experienced in helping Australian business expand into New Zealand and stay compliant.
  • No charge if the time to respond to the query takes 10 minutes or less.
  • Should the query require more than 10 minutes to respond, we will provide an estimate of the costs of approval and authorisation before proceeding with the engagement.
  • Happy to work “behind the scenes” so you maintain the relationship with your client.
  • Regular periodic news letters, technical updates and seminars, discussion groups and forum.

How does it work?

Email with the assistance you require and we will contact you to discuss how best we can assist.

Our services

Setting up
  • Registering your company, branch or other entity
  • Liaising with your preferred bank to open a bank account
  • Obtaining Inland Revenue (IRD) numbers and getting registered for the right tax types
  • Registration with Customs if you are an importer
  • Setting up correctly with ACC
Structuring & tax matters

Our tax specialists have the knowledge and experience to provide you with practical, tailored solutions. We are familiar with structures that provide the best tax and operational outcomes for Australian business coming to New Zealand.

You will need to consider income taxes, GST, withholding taxes, customs procedures, non-resident withholding taxes, PAYE, non-resident and contractors taxes. We can help with all those and more.

If you are only going to be operating here for a short period, there can be issues you may not expect – we can let you know what they are, so you won't be taken by surprise.


Your subsidiary or branch may require a financial audit. We are licensed auditors who use a risk-based methodology to prepare effective and competitive audits.

If you are in the finance industry we can assist with advice and support to comply with Financial Markets Authority (FMA) regulations.

We can also assist with internal audits and fraud identification and prevention.

Business advice
  • Assistance and preparation of annual accounts.
  • Preparation and filing of income tax returns, including being on our Tax Agency list.
  • Assistance with preparation and filing of GST returns.
  • Preparation of monthly payroll returns and advising you of amounts payable to Inland Revenue and employees.
  • Acting as the registered office and filing annual returns.
Human Resources
  • Translating your employment agreements for New Zealand.
  • HR compliance.
  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Disputes and disciplinary procedures.
  • Internal HR management.
  • Providing access to seminars and training sessions, as well as bespoke training as needed.
Transaction assistance
  • Financial, tax and HR due diligence services.
  • Structuring advice for new trans-Tasman acquisitions.
  • We have close links with a business broker and can provide links into opportunities across many industries.

At Baker Tilly Staples Rodway we offer a customisable service with the flexibility to fit in with your internal resources and help out with set-up and ongoing work in a way that works best for you.

We have outlined here the usual services that we provide support for, and we are happy to roll our sleeves up to help in any new ways that may be specific to you. We also have an extensive network of connections and can put you in touch with the right people in other fields.

We have a close relationship with Pitcher Partners, the leading accounting firm for the mid-market in Australia, and with Baker Tilly's global operations in many countries across the globe. While we work closely with Pitchers, we have good relationships with other Australian accounting firms and have assisted many of their clients to set up in New Zealand.


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Our Baker Tilly Staples Rodway specialists provide expert advice to clients looking to expand their Australian business into New Zealand.

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