Marketing, communication & design

Marketing, communication & design

As your trusted business advisors, our team of marketing specialists and design professionals are here to help with achieving your business goals. Whether you need to launch, grow, rebrand or want to understand marketing better; we can help.

We offer:


    Strategy & consulting 

A marketing strategy is a foundational document that supports your overall business goals. It is a wide-reaching and comprehensive planning tool. Our team can also create marketing plans or a communications calendar, which outlines the specific actions you will take to implement your marketing strategy. 

We can also provide ongoing consultancy to help with campaign planning and creation, proposal preparation to PR or market research firms, and provide independent advice on media proposals.

    Content Writing

Creating engaging content that tells your story, we can write effective blogs, website copy, content for flyers, press releases and much more. 


A brand is more than a logo, and our team can help you create strong brand guidelines, or develop a new brand, manage a rebrand or a brand refresh. 


Creating a narrative that connects your brand to customers, with a focus on linking what you stand for to the values you share with your customers. We can help you find your unique brand voice

   Media relations management

With a background in PR, we can support you in raising your profile within the media and ensure that you’re seen as an expert in your field.

   Graphic design

Our highly skilled creative team can turn your vision into reality and provide cost effective, quality print options to suit your needs.

    Social Media Management

From set up to ongoing management, we have vast experience creating, monitoring and measuring the results of social media pages.

   Email marketing

Using Mailchimp, our team creates visually appealing promotional emails that have purpose whilst monitoring the campaign for best results.

   Event management

Ensuring that your event is a success, we use marketing tools to get your event noticed and can support you throughout the process.

    WIX websites

We can create simple WIX websites for small businesses and create 'how to' user guides or provide one to one training on how to use and update

“The marketing team has been fabulous to work with. Joni has been integral in assisting me with marketing my new business. The team were extremely professional, great at listening, advising, supporting me and then executing [my vision]. They are all very approachable, adaptable to change and go the extra mile to provide a great service.”

Chelsea Langman | Skin Aware Owner/Operator



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