Risk management and other services

Risk management and other services

Businesses face all kinds of risk and we provide risk management and assurance services to ensure those risks are identified and managed in the most effective way

Fraud prevention & investigation

Designing effective systems within your business to prevent, deter and detect fraud is essential.  We can work with you to develop systems that are designed to reduce the likelihood of fraud in key business processes, such as payroll, cash receipting and procurement. Where fraud is suspected or detected, we can undertake a thorough investigation and, if required, document findings for legal proceedings.

Internal audit

We provide outsourced and co-sourced internal audit services that help you to manage your risks. We focus on developing and executing risk-based internal audit plans that are designed to rigorously test your existing control procedures and identify areas where improvements are required. Common risk areas we provide assistance with include IT risk assessment, such as data management and cybersecurity and supply chain management.

Financial reporting advice

Accounting standards are constantly changing and becoming harder to apply.  We can assist by:

  • Providing accounting advice on significant, complex transactions in a time-sensitive manner
  • Guiding entities through changes to financial reporting standards
  • Helping you streamline financial statements
  • Liaising with the External Reporting Board, through the Technical Resource Group, to support local businesses in applying GAAP in New Zealand

The Technical Team are part of a global group of advisory professionals through the Baker Tilly International network. We are able to leverage knowledge locally and offshore to meet your international financial reporting requirements.


Agreed-upon procedures engagements can be helpful where you want a targeted review undertaken, or specific information about particular matters, such as one area of your business or one section of your financial statements. We work with you to discuss and agree your requirements and design and perform appropriate procedures. We recommend these types of engagements for funding agencies, as it can be useful to target specific areas they are interested in, for example, giving specific information relating to a particular grant such as whether it was received and banked by the organisation, that specific items were purchased, or that specific wages were paid.

Technical reviews

We can provide you with technical advice to assist you in adopting new or updated financial reporting standards, or accounting for complex transactions or new business structures. We liaise with our international colleagues, as well as the External Reporting Board and key regulators such as Charities Services and the Financial Markets Authority, to keep on top of financial reporting and regulatory changes.

We have a team of experts who can assist you in accounting for your business in line with changing technical requirements and business practices.

Enterprise risk management

We can assist management and boards to develop and execute a cross-functional approach to risk management. This approach will enable your business to focus on identifying and managing the key business risks that are most likely to impact on achievement of your strategic objectives. We can also provide dedicated governance support such as facilitating board workshops to identity their key strategic risks, based on our experience across a number of industry areas.


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