Reporting & modelling

Reporting & modelling

Our business experts will support you to improve and future-proof your business, with reliable data, accurate modelling and financial insights. It’ll help you make better decisions with up to date information you can rely on.

Our services include:

Cashflow and financial projections

Assist or prepare projected financial statements, including cash flow, based on detailed and transparent business assumptions. Our team of accounting specialists will provide insight into the future performance and position of your business, and enable alternative scenarios to be modelled then assessed. Find out more

Independent review of financial reports

We can review annual financial statements, prepared in-house and/or your monthly management reports. An independent review before presenting reports provides a greater level of comfort, integrity and reliability.


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05 Apr 2022

Tax Talk | Taxing the gig and sharing economy

With the rapid rise in the use of digital platforms to connect buyers and sellers, tax administrations around the world are realising that meeting tax obligations under current tax settings is a real challenge for those involved in the gig and sharing economy.

17 Mar 2022

Global dealmakers 2022: M&A market update

Global mergers and acquisitions have hit a new record and there are no signs of that slowing in 2022.

16 Mar 2022

Charities and new reporting requirements: the time to act is now!

REMINDER: From 1 January 2022 reporting periods onwards, Tier 1 and Tier 2 charities need to include service performance information alongside the financial statements they file with Charities Services.

03 Mar 2022

Who dairies wins – the Co-operative Difference payment has value

The farmer must be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer. Farming is built on self-assurance that the work done today will pay off down the road, that the financial and labour sacrifices will act as investments for the future.

01 Mar 2022

Getting on board: why organisations need good governance

16 Feb 2022

Operating under Omicron - creating a successful business continuity plan

In the US, worker absences due to Covid tripled in January and overseas predictions forecast anything between 10% and 60% of staff being absent at any given time. How well the supply chain copes will also have impacts on Kiwi businesses.

09 Dec 2021

Forestry and carbon credits - new opportunities

Since residential property investment rules changed in early 2021, more and more landowners have been seeking advice on carbon credits.

18 Nov 2021

Risky business – how directors and officers can navigate today’s challenging operating environment

The Delta variant of COVID-19 has impacted New Zealand in ways we could not have imagined. Living with uncertainty has become part of the status quo and changed the environment in which businesses operate.

20 Oct 2021

Six strategic tools every builder needs in their toolbox

There’s no denying these are unusual times to be in construction. Residential building consents are at a record high, meaning plenty of work to go around, but materials and skills shortages (and now, rising interest rates) mean workflows and cashflows are harder to manage than ever.

25 Aug 2021

Business Checklist - COVID-19

As we progress up and down Alert Levels, businesses need to review their business continuity plans, and take a flexible mindset to operations.  

09 Aug 2021

10 critical IT controls to protect your business from cybercrime

2021 feels like it has been the year of the Cyber Attack. The news has been full of stories about ransomware, phishing attacks, and other malicious attacks on critical IT (Information Technology) infrastructure.

03 Jun 2021

For Arts sake

Are art and wine are “investments” or simply vanity purchases?

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