International tax

International tax

International tax is constantly changing and compliance obligations are ever-increasing, but our tax experts will support you in New Zealand and around the globe.

Our team includes specialists in dealing with other countries, and access to the global Baker Tilly network. We proactively manages cross-border tax regulations and activities, supporting you to make the best decisions, whatever country you’re operating in.

Our services include:

  • Inbound and outbound tax structuring, reducing or eliminating double taxation in New Zealand and offshore.
  • New Zealand Companies Office: Act as the registered office, secretarial services, maintain statutory minutes, resolutions, New Zealand resident director etc.
  • Preparation of transfer pricing documentation and Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs) with New Zealand's Inland Revenue.
  • Assistance with thin capitalisation rules.
  • International tax expertise and country specialists: In particular with our colleagues in Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, Singapore, France and Japan.
  • Tax advice and compliance for immigrants to New Zealand and high-wealth individuals, and advice on transitional residency.
  • GST on imports, non-resident GST refunds, and contractual arrangements.

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Tax Talk December 2023 500x500
05 Dec 2023

Tax Talk: What’s in store with the new coalition government’s policies

With the creation of New Zealand’s first formal three-party coalition government, we take the opportunity to run through the policies it will advance.  

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04 Dec 2023

Why hiring a licensed private investigator makes good sense

Today, for the everyday business owner or manager, the people management element of their businesses has significantly increased.

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28 Nov 2023

Milk-price hedging: A review of the dairy industry’s new trend

New Zealand's picturesque landscapes are not just a feast for the eyes; they also serve as the backdrop for a thriving dairy industry. With dairy farming being a cornerstone of the country's agricultural economy, it becomes imperative for farmers to safeguard their operations against market volatility.

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A handy list of business tasks to complete before the holidays

Greetings, business owners. Do you have a handy task list ready to complete before the end of the year? If not, here are some ideas to give you a great head start for 2024 and help with good representation of your business brand over the holiday break.

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09 Nov 2023

When your loss is their gain: What fraud can look like and how to avoid it

It’s hard to imagine that you could fall victim to business fraud. That happens to other people, right? People who are unlucky or less careful? Not necessarily. We present three recent examples of fraud, along with tips on how to protect your business against cyberattack, spear-phishing and false invoices.

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07 Nov 2023

How to run great team meetings: What to do and what to avoid

Well-run meetings are an amazing thing but when meetings are poorly executed, they can be extremely frustrating.

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26 Oct 2023

Ho, ho, ho, ‘tis the season for Holidays Act compliance in NZ

Do you have a sound grasp of the Holidays Act and its rules around employee public holiday entitlements? With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, it’s a good time for a refresh on the legal requirements for employers.

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Show me the money: Tips for improving your business cash flow

Cash flow is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Without its proper management, businesses can quickly find themselves struggling to meet expenses, pay employees, or invest in growth opportunities. Below are some tips on how to maintain healthy cash flow.

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Creating a celebration your team will remember – for all the right reasons

It’s that time of year. Planning and preparation for holiday functions has commenced for many with everyone keen to unwind and have fun after months of hard work.

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10 Oct 2023

Are you struggling? Let’s look at some things that might help you through

Today is World Mental Health Day and we understand that everyone goes through rough patches from time to time.

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05 Oct 2023

Assessing the aftermath: The impact of a cyclone, as seen by an auditor

Natural disasters have the potential to disrupt economies and leave lasting effects on businesses. Cyclone Gabrielle's sweep through Hawke's Bay in February served as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of businesses to such events.

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27 Sep 2023

Calm on the farm – but the next storm is already casting shadows

Our recent pre-election poll showed something rather interesting: businesses are actually more optimistic about the future than they were last year.

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