Business advisory

Business advisory

Our specialists will add-value to your business, provide peace of mind, and maximise financial opportunities. We’ll take care of your day-to-day accounting, prepare monthly reports, or provide advice on strategy, supporting you to achieve a successful future. Our business advisory services include:

Core accounting services

Financial statements, tax returns and payroll

Reporting & modelling

Monthly reporting, projected cash flow and financial insights.

Small business accounting

Specialist advice and accounting services for small businesses

Business strategy and owner support

Develop a powerful business strategy, a fit-for-purpose structure and on-going support


Outsource business administration and financial work to our experienced professionals


Find an expert

Our Baker Tilly Staples Rodway business advisors in Auckland, Waikato, Tauranga, Hawkes Bay, Taranaki, Wellington and Christchurch provide specialist advice across New Zealand.  

Recent articles

30 Mar 2023

Does your business have a sound succession plan?

Succession is something many business owners don’t consider or talk about other than the thought that they should plan for their departure “at some point”. But it pays to start preparing. . .  

14 Mar 2023

How acquisitions can help your business grow

As the New Zealand economy heads into a recession, businesses face a growing number of challenges. Inflation is at a record high, which has a direct impact on costs and the disposable income of consumers.

16 Feb 2023

Turning recession into business resurgence

There has been widespread discussion around a looming recession in New Zealand. After the past few years of covid-related business disruption, an upcoming recession is often the last thing people want to consider.

14 Feb 2023

Fiona makes business meaningful but fun

When Fiona Welten was a schoolgirl, she wanted to become a lawyer or an accountant. A stint as an assistant hairdresser tipped her towards the latter.

09 Feb 2023

Minimum wage rates to increase in April

Employers will be subject to minimum wage increases from April this year. Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Taranaki HR / People and Culture consultant Toni-Anne McKerrow examines what this means. . .

10 Nov 2022

Small changes can bring big results in business

You might be in business, but are you following best practice? Michelle Valler is a Business Advisory Services director at our Hawke’s Bay office and today she gives tips on good governance, gross profit benchmarks, forecasting, the benefits of having a good advisor, and more.

27 Oct 2022

Dorian dispenses small business advice for 2023

Last week, Christchurch director Dorian Crighton appeared on “The Real Solutions Business Podcast” presented by Godfreys Law business owner Brad McDonald. The pair spoke about the 2023 landscape for small businesses and provided some advice for the months ahead. Here’s a summary, abridged and edited for length.

06 Oct 2022

Trailblazing a new era of sustainable farming in NZ

In an era of “dirty dairying” and animal welfare discussions, New Zealand-based limited partnership fund Southern Pastures is turning stereotypes on their heads.

22 Sep 2022

Changes coming for NFP and charity reporting

If you help run a not-for-profit or charity organisation that reports using Tier 3 (less than $2 million expenses per annum) or Tier 4 (less than $140,000 expenses per annum), then changes to your external reporting standards are on the way.  René Lamprecht clarifies…

08 Sep 2022

Your business benefits from tax pooling in NZ

Taranaki Business Advisory Associate Kylie Cronin is a huge fan of tax pooling. Here, she explains the benefits.

01 Sep 2022

How to start a successful business in New Zealand

If you’re an offshore citizen looking to set up business here, our Baker Tilly Staples Rodway advisors have the expertise and experience to ensure that your investment is compliant and successful.

19 Jul 2022

Challenging times for building and construction

The building and construction sector has come under significant pressure in recent times. Let's look at the statistics and challenges, and how those in the industry can help safeguard their business.

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