Information technology

Information technology

As your business grows your IT needs change.

It may mean the software you use no longer gives you the information you need. Your hardware could be underpowered for what you require it to do. You simply may not have the IT skills in house to support your business and to take you in the direction you want to go. We can assist you to formulate a strategy that best meets your IT needs for business growth. We can offer an in depth analysis of your requirements covering systems, telecommunications and systems applications.

Our advice is aimed at helping you decide the direction you want to take your business. Look on us as providing a Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the day (or as many days as you would like!).

Selection & implementation

We provide objective and informed advice on selecting and implementing the most appropriate hardware and software to support your business’s growth. We take a project-focussed approach and offer practical and pragmatic guidance.

We can assist in vendor liaison, examining options available and help you select the best option for meeting your business’s objectives.

System package selection

We work with you to identify what you need to run your business efficiently and effectively. We help you select a system that helps you grow, not restrict what you want to do.

Our service does not end with identifying the best package, we can assist with purchasing, implementation and end user training plus the development of procedures and controls to give you confidence in the end result. We are not aligned to any particular software or hardware suppliers, so our advice is unbiased and our challenge always is to find the best solution that suits you.

Security review

We have been investigating the issue of IT security and can offer a new and unique security service. Traditionally these security services have been reserved for larger corporate customers. With new developments in IT and our own methodology, Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Information Technology can offer a service that challenges your network security and your thoughts on where your business boundaries lie. We can help you identify where your security risks lie, so you can minimize or eliminate them.


Our advice can help you market your business online. From ensuring systems are in place to support e-business, to structuring the web site architecture needed to make your e-business happen.

Disaster recover review

Could your business continue to operate if your entire computer network or system crashed? We have masterminded some robust plans to help customers deal with disaster recovery when their computers fail. We can help you have a sound disaster plan ready and be prepared to save hassle and lost production and down time. We also have the experience and skills to assist quickly in rebuilding your system, restoring data and provide ongoing service.

Infrastructure services

Poorly designed business can be costly to businesses. Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Information Technology uses proven professional processes, methodologies, techniques and skills acquired over many years of IT consulting. We can help deliver well thought out and well planned network designs. This involves developing detailed plans based around an organisation’s needs and business cases. We can enable you to implement the changes necessary to bring about these plans.

Day to day support

It is vital to have capable IT people available quickly when help is needed. With any computer package the quality of installation and ongoing support is vital to the success of the system. Our team has a broad knowledge of IT issues and can offer support to customers in servicing, desktop, network, server, remote access, application and system health checks.

Client management

When investing in IT you need to be able to trust the firm you are dealing with to make that IT work for you. When assessing your needs, we become part of your team to fully understand your business so that you can be confident that the service we offer is tailored to your goals. Once we have established a relationship, we like to maintain it, nurture it and enable you to reach full potential with the help of some clever IT decisions.

IT strategy

We can help you define how you want IT to support your business objectives. We can advise you on how you plan your IT development to take account of future growth of the business. In this way, IT does not define how you run your business, but how to grow it. Think beyond the concept of ‘how can IT help me run my business more cost effectively’? Think ‘what could I do using IT to grow my business that I can’t do now?

And there's more....

  • System documentation
  • Project management
  • Non financial measurement systems
  • Spreadsheet modelling and database design
  • Budgeting and projection modelling
  • Internet services, including email and web presence

Cyber security

We help ensure strategic decisions are made.

Technology advisory

We demystify the strategic imperatives for technology.


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