Cyber security

Cyber security

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway's experienced Technology and Risk advisors provide independent insight on strategic technology and risk issues. We work with company leadership to help ensure strategic decisions are made in the best interest of your business by demystifying the investment and strategic imperatives for technology.

Cyber security

The risks to your critical systems and data are ever increasing, with rapidly evolving threats to your business. We review and test your current systems, and advise on best cyber security practices, including:

Cyber Security Assessment  Reviewing critical systems and infrastructure to identify key threats.

System Loss Valuation  Evaluating the costs of data loss, disclosure, and system unavailability across critical systems to help guide your cybersecurity investment decisions.

Attack Response Planning  Help you prepare for instances of data loss or disclosure to limit the impact that a breach could have on your business and business reputation.

Disaster recovery & business continuity

Your organisation relies on its Information Systems to operate and to service your customers. Prolonged periods without core systems can significantly impact on your profitability or even put you out of business.

We can help you prepare for these events by:

Business Continuity Planning  We help you plan, develop, review, and test your business preparedness for critical outages.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning  For each of your key systems a documented plan to recover the platform and data, including a prioritised map to recover multiple systems if needed.



15 Sep 2022

Five common myths about IT disaster recovery

Whether you run a small business, public service or large corporate firm, it’s important to recognise myths around IT disaster recovery. Let’s look at five common misconceptions. . .

26 Jul 2022

Ways to safeguard your business from cybercrime

Following on from last week’s look at the changing face of cybercrime, let’s consider ways to protect your business from hackers, using the latest advice from CERT NZ and Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Taranaki Specialist Services director Rob McEwan.

21 Jul 2022

The changing face of cybercrime across NZ

Are Kiwi business sufficiently equipped to fend off cyber attacks? It appears not. We look at cybercrime statistics in New Zealand and discuss the profile of the modern hacker.

25 Aug 2021

Business Checklist - COVID-19

As we progress up and down Alert Levels, businesses need to review their business continuity plans, and take a flexible mindset to operations.  

09 Aug 2021

Ten critical IT controls to protect your business from cybercrime

2021 feels like it has been the year of the Cyber Attack. The news has been full of stories about ransomware, phishing attacks, and other malicious attacks on critical IT (Information Technology) infrastructure.

13 Apr 2021

Password management made easy

Are you always forgetting all your passwords? Do you get frustrated trying to remember which combination of kids birthdays, pets, street names, maiden names, added 123’s and !*$%^#,  CAPTIALS or lowercase, go with what?

20 Mar 2020

COVID-19 decision making tools

We have put together this checklist to help identify areas you may need to attend to.

18 Mar 2020

Remote access in a disaster

Is your business prepared for the unthinkable?

The COVID-19 virus has caused a real threat to business operations throughout the world, showing that the need for contingency planning is essential.

18 Sep 2019

Microsoft Project: Simple tips for newbies

Are you struggling to get your head around Microsoft Project? Working with Microsoft Project myself and training end-users, I have developed a list of things that help keep a project simple and a project plan effective.

12 Jul 2019

The rise of the digital colleague?

Experts are calling the soaring advancement of technology an Industrial Revolution and understanding how your business workforce could take advantage of these new technologies is becoming critical to futureproofing your business against looming competition.

02 Jul 2019

Safeguard your business from fraud and theft

11 Jun 2019

Worried about being hacked?

The question to ask yourself is ‘are your businesses IT systems robust enough to counter a cyber-attack’? Being proactive about your IT will help reduce worry and the potential risk of fraud, theft and loss of data to your business.

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