Helping businesses that are insolvent or at risk

It’s been a lean couple of years for some amid COVID-19 restrictions, geopolitical issues and rising inflation and interest rates, but we can help if your business is faltering.

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Baker Tilly Staples Rodway has a passionate and experienced nationwide team of business advisors and licensed insolvency practitioners who can assist struggling businesses and their stakeholders. Or if the situation is irrecoverable, we can assist with a range of outcomes in an efficient and effective manner that allows all parties to move forward. 

What can a business recovery and licensed insolvency practitioner do for you?

The role of a licensed insolvency practitioner is to advise the stakeholders of an insolvent or potentially insolvent business on the options available to resolve the situation and assist with the implementation of the chosen option. This can include, for example, a refinance or restructure of the business. 

If necessary, we can be formally appointed to independently manage (or assist with) the business, assets and liabilities. Our involvement can provide the managers, owners and stakeholders with confidence and trust that the best outcome is being sought and implemented. The options will depend on your personal circumstances. Contact us now to confidentially discuss your situation. 

The licensed insolvency practitioner  

Liquidators, receivers, voluntary administrators and managers of formal creditor compromises must be licensed insolvency practitioners. Our licensed insolvency practitioners are leading experts in New Zealand. They provide independent and impartial advice that allows you to make decisive and practical decisions so you can move forward. 

Their primary job is to ensure that the remaining business and assets of a financially distressed company are handled in the right way and in accordance with legislation, and to obtain the best financial outcome. 

Who appoints the licensed insolvency practitioner?

Licensed insolvency practitioners can be appointed by the directors or shareholders of the business, as well as by lenders and the Court. 

Contact one of our expert staff

If your business is at risk of insolvency, or if it is insolvent, the earlier that we are engaged, the more likely that a resolution can be reached without the formal appointment of a liquidator, receiver or administrator.

Contact our Auckland office on 09 309 0463 or your regional Baker Tilly Staples Rodway office to be put in touch with an insolvency practitioner. Approaching us before times get difficult could be the smartest move you’ll make for your business.

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