Building teams & team facilitation

Building teams & team facilitation

High-performing teams provide an undeniable advantage, but few teams perform at their maximum potential. Although most of the models devoted to creating high-performing teams focus on achieving the proper mix of skills and experience, they ignore the influence of personality.

We utilise proven assessment tools to map your team and help members understand their internal dynamics and facilitate productive conversations as to the way they work, communicate, make decisions and respond to pressure.


  • We can help your team develop a common understanding of itself by looking at themes
  • Understanding the team skill-mix and strengths, as well as any gaps and weaknesses
  • Determine strengths, barriers and opportunities to maximise team potential
  • Highlight potential team fracture lines
  • Identify team culture
  • Encourage team dialogue
  • Discuss the team’s profile in relation to its goals and vision for the future

We use the following evidence-based assessment tools to map your team:

  • Inventories of personality, behaviour under pressure, and motivations/values
  • Team 360 surveys
  • Team culture surveys
  • Facilitated workshops to enhance communication and connectedness

Team facilitations and team mapping are a great way to get everyone on the same page and moving in the right direction. You might be:

  • Establishing a new team and wanting to start on the front foot with building strong relationships
  • An established team that needs a reset, looking to build team dynamics and high performance
  • A team that is currently facing some “hiccups”, difficulties or conflict that require sensitivity to navigate and resolve

We offer a flexible approach to working with teams and are happy to meet with you to determine your requirements and come up with a bespoke option for your team.


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