Kylie’s goal fulfilled as she achieves long-term ambition of directorship

She stood out from the start – an early leaver from New Plymouth Girls’ High School who was adamant that she was going to become a director. Last month, Kylie Cronin got her wish via her long-time employer, Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Taranaki.

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Managing director Daimon Stewart classifies her as a “full-on bogan” back then. She initially wanted to be a mechanic, but her dad has his own accounting practice in South Taranaki and she helped him during the holidays. She turned out to be rather good and soon set her heart on that profession, joining our network’s Taranaki team in 2006.

It was a journey of learning as she traipsed through to adulthood. She became a manager, a parent of two, then a Business Advisory Services Associate, growing, learning and maturing on the way.

Kylie says a future in senior management always felt right at Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Taranaki. She kept receiving guidance and mentorship and things that piloted her in the right direction. When Daimon and fellow director Marise James told her she was ready to become a director, “there were tears”, Kylie says frankly. “It’s something I’ve worked towards for 18 years and to have that finally happen – I had to pinch myself.”

It was the culmination of a lot of hard work, discipline and an abundant level of care for her clients and colleagues. “She’s got the ear of the team and people respect her,” says Daimon. “They see her as a leader and some of her initiatives show she’s thinking in that space. Between that and the way she’s so client-focused, it was a no-brainer.”

He also appreciates that Kylie has a passion for technology and strong knowledge of agribusiness. 

As always, Kylie is thinking about growth and improvement. She loves relationship-building with her team and clients but also gets a real kick out of finding better ways to do things, from using AI to discovering other efficiencies. Accountants play a different role in businesses these days, she says. That includes leveraging off new digital technology, interpreting the data it provides and considering how best to incorporate its evolution into their services.  

Online systems mean clients can now take care of their own compliance, so accountants often just do the final checks, says kylie. What clients typically want now is someone who gets to know them and is really involved in the advancement of their business.

Just like Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Taranaki’s diverse range of business opportunities has been great for advancing her career. “I’ve had the opportunity to test the waters in everything and figure out what I really like without having to change career. There are so many things you can try and the directors here support you every step of the way.”

She is also grateful for other prospects granted by the firm: The ability to occasionally work in different offices across New Zealand – and some team members have even been supported to work overseas through the international Baker Tilly network or other business connections.

Lastly, Kylie is thankful for everyone who has made her directorship possible. “I’m conscious that you don't get to do things like this on your own. You get there with guidance from the partners, having a supportive family and friends, and working with a team that makes life at the office fun. I'm really happy that we have a team who make me love being here every day.”

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