Musically speaking: A holiday playlist for our clients, teams & friends

Dear clients and friends, we’ve made you a Spotify holiday playlist because you know now, we are so much more than arithmetic.

Time to read: 2 mins

As we all rush headlong towards the holiday break, we’re wishing you day after lovely day with plenty of time to relax and nothing too serious to deal with! Once New Year’s Day is a distant memory and you’re back at work, rest assured that help is on its way if you need assistance or proactive counsel from our advisors. If you’re asking yourself, how can I figure this equation, together we can work it out. 

We know the past few years have been hard to handle, but we’ve got plenty of counting stars in our offices. Let us play the fixer. Whether you’re a working class man, the boss or an independent woman, we’ll help you comply with the rules, refine your plans and hopefully make lots of money while you’re takin' care of business.

We think we’re better together, so Viva La Vida! let’s make lots of money, have plenty of good times and ensure that everyone’s a winner in 2024!


1. Arithmetic: Brooke Fraser. 2. Headlong: Queen. 3. Holiday: Green Day. 4. Lovely Day: Bill Withers. 5. Relax:  Frankie goes to Hollywood. 6. Nothing too serious: Icehouse. 7. New Year’s Day: U2. 8. Help is on its way: Little River Band. 9. Another great divide (how can I figure this equation?): Split Enz. 10. We can work it out: The Beatles. 11. Hard to Handle: The Black Crowes. 12. Counting Stars: OneRepublic. 13. The Fixer: Pearl Jam. 14. Working Class Man: Jimmy Barnes. 15. The Boss: James Brown, The J.B.'s. 16. Independent Women: Destiny’s Child. 17. Rules: Shakira. 18. Plans: Birds of Tokyo. 19. Money: Pink Floyd. 20. Takin' care of business: Bachman-Turner Overdrive. 21. Better together: Jack Johnson. 22. Viva La Vida: Coldplay.  23. Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money: Pet Shop Boys. 24. Good times: Jimmy Barnes, INXS. 25. Every 1's a winner: Hot Chocolate.

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