Tips for working remotely

With many non-essential workers working from home and doing their best to be productive, we thought it would be helpful to set out some handy hints to consider when working remotely: 

Time to read: 1 mins

  • Treat every workday as just that; a day at work.
  • Establish a routine; get up at the same time as you normally would, shower and get dressed.
  • Create a dedicated workspace. Take time each morning to set up your workspace and prepare for the day.
  • Limit distractions by planning your week then planning each day. Schedule in work priorities, breaks, activities with the kids, exercise and virtual social events.
  • Give purpose to each day by setting daily goals. Kick start each day with some ‘small win’ tasks.
  • Set clear boundaries between work and your personal life. Just because you work, doesn’t mean you should be online 24/7.
  • Spend at least 30 minutes outside each day. Use the time you would take travelling to work to exercise.
  • Use video calls wherever possible to maintain social connection.
  • Be kind to yourself. Look after your own mental and physical health and know that it’s okay to be feeling emotions that you wouldn’t normally feel. Connect with friends, family and colleagues to keep your spirits high.

 Schedule your week and plan out each day.
Stay connected with your team.
Prioritise your mental and physical health.
Start each day with a positive and deliberate mindset.


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