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Please, take a seat

As an organisation, Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Taranaki has a vision statement that forms our decision making – it’s that we strive to ‘create enduring success’ – for our clients, our community and our staff, and we endeavour to live that value every day.

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During our recent office refurbishment it became apparent that while we were giving our team a (very overdue) nicer space to work to support our clients, we would have a large number of high value furniture and office items that were still in great condition but with no place to relocate too.

While we could have sold it and recouped some of the costs of the refurb, the decision to donate it to good causes was a quick one for our Director group. After the year that™s been, we had heard from many staff who work and volunteer across the not-for-profit sector, and in community organisations, like schools and trusts, that these items could really make a difference.

Executive Assistant / Project Manager Leeanne Mullin quickly took charge of getting everything organised and started reaching out to the community via the staff contacts, clients and through Doug Hopkins at the WISE Charitable Trust, who operate The Junction Reuse Shop. Doug has been a huge help and were just as excited as us to ensure our items were going to some great places. 

œWe have had a fantastic response from our customers in our efforts to repurpose the items made available and ensure they find new life, and the revenue from the items we have supports our operations and our future growth as a zero waste hub for the Taranaki community, stated Doug.

West End School “ Te Kura O Morere and Spotswood College took shelving units and chairs to furnish their central learning hubs, the Taranaki District Health Board, Adult Mental Health Unit received tables chairs and cupboards, and as you may have already seen in the NZ Herald the Kai Kitchen Trust took the donated chairs and tables and turned two of their empty rooms into meeting rooms. These rooms will be rented out to raise much needed funds to keep them operating successfully.

As well as the feel-good factor after a really challenging year, we have supported the well-being and potential of our wider community and our staff interests, our environmental impact is lessened when we upcycle/reuse, and our charitable community now have items which reduce their costs and in some cases is enabling economic growth and potentially jobs.

Giving back has been a win-win-win for us all.

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