International Women's Day

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This year the  International Women’s Day 2018 theme is Press For Progress towards gender parity.

As a firm that values work/life balance, community and client care, we have attracted a predominantly female workforce (65%). However, currently only 49% of our management, associate directors and directors are women.

With 37% of our leadership team (Directors and Associates) being female,  we look forward to seeing more women pursuing top roles with more diversity in not only our boardroom, but those of our clients who rely on us as advisors.

Baker Tilly has just launched a new LinkedIn page for Asia Pacific, where they have featured Annette J. Azuma, one of the amazing female directors in our Auckland office. Annette is one of many inspiring female leaders within our nationwide business. Under her leadership and guidance, as well as that of the other 74 women in management and directorship roles within our business, the future is bright.

Thank you Annette for this candid and impassioned insight into what Press for Progress means for you, the gender roadblocks you have encountered throughout your career and what advice you would give to your 20 year old self.

Asia Pacific: our people, clients and insights Baker Tilly International Showcase Page

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