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Giving all round - Cranford Hospice

When asked to prepare a client story for our Christmas edition themed “The Art of Giving”, Cranford Hospice immediately came to mind. Cranford Hospice is a not-for-profit organisation who not only consistently gives generously to its community, but receives plentiful community support back.

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Cranford Hospice is the main specialist palliative care provider in Hawke™s Bay, providing services to people with a life-limiting condition for more than 35 years. Their services operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week “ both onsite and in the community. The focus is on the individual care of each patient and their loved ones, supporting them in not only their clinical needs, but also in their emotional and spiritual needs.

Hospice services are provided at no cost to the patient, regardless of age, ethnicity, religion or means “ including all hospice care and support and treatment. This is giving at its best, when it is most needed.

Their motto is œLiving every moment and CEO, Janice Byford-Jones believes that hospice care is not just about pain medicine or easing physical problems. The focus is on providing holistic support “ physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. In the words of Dame Cicely Saunders, the Founder of the modern hospice movement: œYou matter because you are you, and you matter until the end of your life. We will do whatever we can to not only help you die well, but to also help you LIVE until you die.

Cranford Hospice™s presence in the community is evident “ they receive glowing accolades for the wonderful job they do and the meaning they bring. In the past year they have cared for 740 patients and their whanau. This included 229 admissions at the 8-bed inpatient unit and 6,683 community visits. These staggering numbers are achieved through a team of 75 specialist staff including palliative doctors, nurses, an occupational therapist and a counsellor. A network of over 400 volunteers gladly give their time and energy in many areas, including gardeners, nurse aides, three Hospice stores and other support roles.

Janice Byford-Jones

Cranford Hospice receives half of their funding to deliver their specialist palliative care services from the DHB, but, there is a $2.8 million shortfall each year. They are hugely reliant on local community support to ensure care remains at no cost to recipients. This equates to $53,900 per week ($7,700 per day!) “ no easy feat. Generous donations are received via major charity drives, including the biennial Hospice Holly Trail and the annual Hawke™s Bay Wine Auction, donations and bequests, right down to a little girl setting up a lemonade stand and donating her $15 at the front desk.

The Hospice Holly Trail, a hugely successful home and garden tour held every two years, is a sellout event every time. It was set up by a group of generous locals and continues to be operated entirely by volunteers organising and running the event. It is a mammoth effort and the 2016 tour saw $275,000 donated to Cranford Hospice.

The Hawke™s Bay Wine Auction is an annual event put together by a group of local winemakers to support Cranford Hospice. Like the Hospice Holly Trail, the auction is a sellout event and many of the wines are blended solely for the event. This year™s auction raised a record $202,000 toward the $2.8 million needed.

These events are hugely successful, but there is still a large deficit for Cranford Hospice. At the end of the day, the community gives generously to ensure that Cranford Hospice™s target is met and their services continue to be delivered. Marketing and Fundraising Manager, Nathalie van Dort states œI have the best job in the world and she is always humbled by how generous people are.

Cranford Hospice was established in August 1982 by Presbyterian Support East Coast (PSEC) and a handful of sup-portive volunteers. In July of this year, the board of PSEC, including Staples Rodway director Stuart Signal, oversaw the gifting of Cranford Hospice to the community. This passing of ownership to the community has allowed Cranford Hospice to stay focused on its core service area “ palliative care.

The current facility is housed in an old villa in Hastings that has been extended and adapted over the years. The need for services is growing with Cranford Hospice now responsible for a catchment population of 162,000, and refreshed fit-for-future premises are planned. In a further example of the generosity of local community giving, Cranford Hospice has been gifted a section of land by The Joan Fernie Trust, which includes the Chesterhope Homestead.

Staples Rodway Hawke™s Bay works to support Cranford Hospice where possible. Cranford Hospice has been a recipient from the Staples Rodway Challenge Charity Trust. For our HR consulting team in Hawke™s Bay, it continues to be a delight to work with Cranford Hospice, helping engage staff and provide support in the development of the team.

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