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As New Zealand and the rest of the world responds to COVID-19, it is paramount that we as a nation take all practicable steps to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus. As this pandemic continues to evolve at a rapid pace, you as a business owner will be tasked with navigating your business and your people through these difficult and uncertain times.

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Employers have a responsibility to take all practicable steps to ensure that you and your employees comply with relevant Ministry of Health and Government directives.

The wellbeing of your employees is paramount. As you navigate through this time of uncertainty, show compassion, be honest and clear in your communications and the messages you are sending your people, be prepared to treat each employee situation on a case by case basis. Prioritise your own wellbeing and encourage your people to look after themselves and to look out for each other.

To assist you in understanding your obligations in the face of this pandemic, we have provided our recommendations on the most reliable and up to date online resources. As COVID-19 evolves, these sources are being updated daily, we encourage you to refer back to these resources regularly.

The links below take you directly to the relevant COVID-19 information.

Regardless of the pandemic, employers remain legally obligated to comply with the minimum entitlements under the Holidays Act 2003 and Employment Relations Act 2000. Some employers, for their own reasons, may choose to exceed the minimum entitlements as prescribed by law.

We are here to help. If you have any queries regarding leave payments or any employment related issues, please contact our team of HR Consultants.

The financial viability of your business matters, we encourage you to work closely with your accountant during this time.



Ministry of Health

Provides the latest updates, information and advice on COVID-19 including how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and promote good hygiene practices at work. Downloadable resources are available to distribute throughout the workplace.

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE)

Provides detailed information regarding Workplace response to COVID-19 including:

  • How to handle self-isolation and sick leave
  • Entitlements and eligibility under the Government Relief Package
  • Legislative requirements and minimum employment standards

Unite against COVID-19

New Zealand Government website with everything you need to know about COVID-19 in one place, including steps to slow the spread of the virus and the help available.

New Zealand Government

Provides information on COVID-19 including health, travel, education, business and community related issues.

Work and Income

Employer information and application process for financial support under the Wage Subsidy and Leave Payment Scheme.

Inland Revenue Department

The Government business continuity package announced to assist those businesses struggling due to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.


The symptoms of COVID-19 are a cough, a high temperature (at least 38°C), shortness of breath. If people have these symptoms and have recently been to a country or area of concern, or have been in close contact with someone confirmed with COVID-19, please telephone Healthline (for free) on 0800 358 5453 or your doctor immediately.

World Health Organisation

Up to date monitoring and responses to COVID-19.

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Refer to the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 to ensure you are meeting your Employer obligations.


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