COVID-19 jabs: can employers force staff to be vaccinated?

With the first COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out and further vaccines not far behind, many businesses are considering whether they can force their employees to be vaccinated and fast-track their return to ‘normal’.

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Can employers insist their employees be vaccinated to reduce the risk of workplace infection and ensure business continuity?

The answer, as with most legal questions, is “it depends”.

In this piece from our Global network, Baker Tilly, our HR Director Chris Wright contributes the New Zealand position to a global insight into the employer-employee relationship with regard to the COVD-19 vaccine. As Chris says, irrespective of the legalities, the case for vaccination is in itself compelling reducing the risk of spread to friends and family, risk to businesses, the economic consequences of COVID-19 lockdowns, reduced access to public places and potentially the inability to travel offshore, unless it has been administered.

Read more, including the position in Australia, the U.K. and Germany here.

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