A day in the life of Hawke's Bay senior auditor Grace Wang

Are you thinking about a career with us as an auditor? Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Hawke’s Bay senior auditor Grace Wang details what a typical day looks like in her role…    

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Hi there! My name is Grace Wang. I’m a senior auditor on the Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Hawke’s Bay assurance team. My journey with Baker Tilly began in 2019 when I was working in Hawke’s Bay prior moving to Hamilton. Currently, I primarily work from home and provide services to clients in Hamilton and Hawke’s Bay.

As a senior auditor, I take charge of engagements, setting the planning phase and identifying risky areas before diving into the detailed workings. During the peak season, I often head to Hawke’s Bay to conduct onsite work alongside my colleagues. Here is the typical routine of my day…

Morning focus

7.30am – rise

I'm not an early riser, but by 7.30am, I'm ready to embrace the day. A hearty breakfast, usually steamed buns or dumplings, fuels my energy and prepares me for the day ahead.

8.30am – organising and planning of the day

One of the first things I do in the morning is review my agenda and to-do list. I always check my coming clients and lock in the time for the client/team planning meeting ahead. Additionally, I also do the billing form for completed engagements.

9.30am – collaboration and communication

Depending on the day, my mornings can vary. Every Monday, our audit department gathers for a meeting to review the past week's work and strategise for the week ahead. On other days, I meet with clients or team members to discuss audit planning via video conferences or in-person meetings, depending on the circumstances. Effective communication is key in ensuring everyone is informed and contributing to the success of each engagement.

10.30am – audit planning

After a refreshing cup of coffee and a relaxed morning break, I delve into the planning phase for new engagements. This involves setting budgets, identifying risky areas, and devising audit approaches to address these risks.

Afternoon focus

12.30pm – lunch break

A well-deserved break to recharge, nourish and rejuvenate before tackling the afternoon tasks.

1.30pm – team catch-up and collaboration

During this time, we often have internal team catch-ups to assess progress and address any challenges team members might be facing for the engagement that we are doing. This collaboration helps us gain diverse perspectives and insights, ultimately enhancing our overall audit process. Regular communication among team members occurs throughout the day as well.

2.30pm – client interaction

Part of my afternoon involves liaising with clients, delving into their internal controls, understanding their businesses, and gathering financial information and documents.

4.30pm – summarising

After a day’s work, it’s the time to summarise the audit findings and issues from the team and myself. These are documented and reported to the manager for further discussion or communicated with the client for appropriate resolutions. Additionally, filling out timesheets is a daily task to record productivity and effectively close the day.

5.30pm – personal time and hobbies    

To maintain a healthy work-life balance, I prioritise personal activities. One of my passions is cooking, so I often spend my evenings in the kitchen experimenting with new dishes. It's a delightful way to unwind and prepare for the day ahead. 

Working in Baker Tilly has allowed me to adapt and flourish, providing quality services to our valued clients. The ability to balance professional commitments with personal interests contributes to a fulfilling and rewarding daily routine.

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