Our Support of the Mighty Waikato

Playing our part in the building the mighty Waikato

As a locally owned business that's been part of the Mighty Waikato for over 100 years we're one of several businesses that believes in giving back locally.  We take great pride in our connection with the community through trusteeships, directorship positions, charitable donations, scholarships, membership and the provision of support services

We've proudly supported many local organisations doing great work in our community, including serving on Boards, as Trustees or undertaking pro-bono work for :

  • Alandale Retirement Village 
  • Balloons Over Waikato Trust 
  • St Peters School 
  • Waikato Hospice 
  • Waikato Medical Research Foundation 
  • Wintec Advisory Group - Bachelor of Applied Management
  • Catholic Diocese of Waikato (Support Services)
  • Southwell School Foundation Trust (Support Services)
  • Taiohi Toa Trust (Support Services)
  • Waikato Anglican Social Services (Support Services)

Over the last 100 plus years we've also directly supported more local organisations that we can list with financial support, more recently they include:

  • Life Education Trust 
  • St Vincent de Paul 
  • Women's Refuge 
  • Volunteer Fire Service 
  • SleepWell Moepai 
  • Waikato Hospice 

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