Investment management

Investment management



09 Dec 2021

Forestry and carbon credits - new opportunities

Since residential property investment rules changed in early 2021, more and more landowners have been seeking advice on carbon credits.

03 Jun 2021

For Arts sake

Are art and wine are “investments” or simply vanity purchases?

23 Jul 2020

The changing landscape for New Zealand business migrants

Andrew Sayers recently joined Baker Tilly Staples Rodway Waikato. In a former role Andrew was Managing Partner and International Liaison Partner of a large Australasian accounting firm.

06 Dec 2019

Ask an expert: Offshore property investors

“I am an offshore property investor, and there have been a lot of changes lately to the rules in New Zealand. What do I need to consider?“

18 Sep 2019

Commercial property: not for the faint-hearted

With the official cash rate at record lows, residential growth sluggish and eighty per cent of 2019’s NBR Rich List Top 20 having made their money in bricks and mortar, many clients are looking seriously toward commercial property as a place to invest.

18 Sep 2019

Property as part of a diversified portfolio

Unless you have only invested in term deposits, you have probably had some experience or knowledge that most non-bank investments provide higher returns over time with the trade-off being occasional swings in value. The degree of variation depends on the type and mix of your investments.

12 Sep 2019

Property Investment: the fundamentals

As accountants, we are often asked by clients whether they should invest in property. Over the last two years, this question has come up more regularly as people come to grips with a low interest rate environment and the difficulty of achieving a reasonable return on financial investments.

12 Jul 2019

The bridge to retirement

As your golden years get closer, do you have a financial plan for how to bridge the gap between what you are likely to have and what you will actually need?

31 Mar 2019

Introducing FANZ Private Wealth

The rebrand of Baker Tilly Staples Rodway isn’t the only change of name in our group. SRAM has rebranded to FANZ Private Wealth.

28 Sep 2018

Technology and the investing world

Technology is an inescapable factor in the investment world. Whether that be the investment opportunity it creates, or the disruption to traditional business models, technology impacts on every sector of the modern economy.

27 Jun 2018

Property Investors at a Loss - Ring Fencing Proposed by IRD

It’s now official. The government is actively moving against property speculators and investors.

27 Jun 2018

Are you ready for the return of inflation?

Last year the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) started talking about the return of inflation to the 1% – 3% mandated range. After a decade of barely 1% inflation, how do we prepare for its inevitable rise?

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