Tax Talk | Wage Subsidy & Resurgence Payment Details

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The Ministry of Social Development opened applications for the second round of the August 2021 Wage Subsidy at 9am on Friday 3 September. 

Businesses who have already applied for the first round of the August 2021 Wage Subsidy will receive an email advising them they can apply for the second round. The core criteria has not changed, but now relates to a revenue decline for the period 31 August to 13 September, full details are outlined here. The second round of the subsidy will run from 9am Friday 3 Sept until 11.59pm Thursday 16 Sept. 

A business will only be able to be in receipt of one round of the wage subsidy at a time, so while applications for the second round will be open from 9am on Friday 3 September, your business will need to wait until the full two weeks have elapsed from when they made their application for the first round.

Businesses who did not apply for the first round of the wage subsidy are able to apply for the second round of the wage subsidy if they meet the relevant criteria.

There is no indication yet that further rounds of the resurgence support payment will be available.

Please contact your Baker Tilly Staples Rodway advisor if you have any queries about the wage subsidy or resurgence support payment.

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