New Zealand Charity Reporting Awards 2019

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The 2019 New Zealand Charity Reporting Awards is an event run by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) to recognise the efforts of registered charities in adopting financial reporting standards.

The standards were introduced to provide greater transparency and consistency in reporting within the charities sector. They provide a great opportunity for charities to communicate the value that they are providing and to tell their story to potential funders, volunteers and the broader community.

The judging criteria for the award is based on;

  • Communication effectiveness and innovation
  • Compliance with standards
  • Overall presentation

If you are a charity with Financial Statements (Tier 1 & 2) or Performance Report (Tier 3 & 4) please contact who can help you determine if you meet or exceed the above criteria and discuss your entry before submitting to: by Wednesday 20 February 2019.

There will be eight prizes available in total, with a total value of $6,000. Prizes will be awarded by CAANZ to the winner and highly commended in each of the four tiers of reporting.


Take a look at this revolutionary and creative annual report prepared by New Zealand food rescuers, KiwiHarvest.

KiwiHarvest are on a mission to redistribute some of the estimated 103,000 tonnes of edible food that’s dumped to landfill every year. Since starting the business in 2012, they have successfully redistributed rescued food to create over 5.5 million meals dispersed through 220 charities nationwide. This impressive number is set to soar with its latest collaboration with a world-leading manufacturer of optical-digital products, Olympus.

KiwiHarvest, has incentivised the reading of key information by rewarding with donations to those in need. The more sections read the more meals are generously donated by Olympus.

For each section a user reads on their ‘Read and Feed’ website (, Olympus donates one meal. After the donation goal is completed, readers can then choose to donate, and/or share on their own social media channels.

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