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Can domestic tourism save holiday towns?

Domestic tourism is seen as the poor cousin to international overseas arrivals, but with borders likely to remain at least partially closed due to COVID-19, many countries have turned to locals to bridge the gap. Will staycations be enough to keep tourist-focused economies turning?

In 2019, an estimated 4.5 billion air tickets were sold[1]. This year that number is expected to halve - by mid-April about 65% of the world's passenger planes had been grounded. Across the world, planes have been grounded[1], cruise ships moored in floating graveyards[2], and hotel rooms stand empty. With international tourism unlikely to pick up until a vaccine is available to travellers, how much of the missing revenue can domestic tourists fill?

Directors Tony Maginness (Auckland) and Matt Shallcrass (Christchurch) share their local insights in this piece on domestic tourism trends in 2020, from Baker Tilly International, alongside insights from our network partners in Australia, Cyprus and China.

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