Asheel Bharos

Time to read: 3 mins

With a background in large accounting firms, multinational corporations, both overseas and in New Zealand, Asheel Bharos knows very well what does and doesn’t work when it comes to business advice, and he knows that Baker Tilly Staples Rodway clients are really getting the best of both worlds. 

Asheel has recently joined our firm from TMF Group an advisory business focused on helping multinationals expand across the globe. There he worked with a range of large businesses needing on the ground advice and expertise. He can clearly see how that same model applies to both Kiwi businesses looking to grow, and other companies looking to move into New Zealand.

He started his career has a graduate auditor with BDO (another large mid-tier Firm) and through their global network was able to spend a few years living and working in London. On his return to New Zealand he joined one of the large banks, working in their risk team, had a stint at another “Big 4” accounting firm and from there moved to TMF. This wide-ranging experience means he brings with him to Baker Tilly a solid background in business advice and strategy, with a passion for data and analytics-based decisions. He knows how much he enjoys working with mid-market clients, with their focus on growth and expansion driven by a strong grounding in strategic thinking.

“One of the most interesting parts of working with multi-nationals was understanding how and why New Zealand is an attractive place for them to do business,” Asheel says. “We’re relatively lightly regulated, we’re a popular test market for larger western economies and of course our lack of Capital Gains tax is appealing”. If you flip that equation on its head, you gain a good understanding of some of the challenges of moving an operation overseas. This experience puts Asheel in a good place to advise businesses with thoughts of expansion, pivot or evolution.

And his experience also highlights how much the accounting profession has changed in recent years. With a real focus on data and analytical insights, accountants have been able to move from their traditional “number cruncher” role to one of trusted advisers, a concept we hear frequently right across our New Zealand network of Firms. “The perception of accountants is changing,” says Asheel “there’s no better position to be in to understand how a business works than that of the accountant or business adviser. A combination of commercial acumen, real world experience and detailed understanding of their financials enables us to add value to a business in what ever stage of maturity they may be in.”

And this means different career paths for young people contemplating an accounting career. “Accountants are no longer just those people you go to do your tax return. That’s like saying the only doctor you go to is your GP. Our industry has such a wide range of roles and skillsets to cater for whatever your interest maybe both now and in the future. He believes the core accounting qualification provides a great springboard from which anyone can build a strong business career, either in an accounting practice or “client side” as a member of the finance or accounting team. And he’s delighted that his most recent bounce on the springboard has brought him to Baker Tilly Staples Rodway. He’s looking forward to bringing his multidisciplinary background and passion for data analytics to our wide range of clients.