Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems

We know that running a business takes effort, so ensuring all your systems are connected and communicating with each other is paramount. Payroll, accounts, point of sale, quotes, inventory, rosters – we can help make sure these are all working efficiently and in parallel. Our team are trained and experienced with a host of software tools and applications and can work with you to select and implement the best one(s) for the job.

Our business information systems team will firstly listen to discover what your unique business issues
are. We’ll take this information and offer a tailored solution across a range of services and software
applications we support. If there is not a product that delivers everything that you require then we can
work with you on understanding what doesn’t fit and develop a solution that does.

This may include product selection, implementation, conversion, system reviews or training to get the
solution you need. In addition, we can also offer project management services if it is not a product that
we support but you require someone to drive the process for you.

You do not have to be an accounting client of Baker Tilly Staples Rodway to work with the information
services team. If you’d like to streamline your business information and have your systems work for you,
not against you, then get in touch.


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