Training & education

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway have an experienced team of business trainers and workshop facilitators who provide workshops on a range of financial, taxation, human resources, exporting, business planning & strategy topics.

Because we work closely with our clients, we understand the challenges they face and the knowledge gaps that are common. Our training is practical, not theoretical and our sessions are interactive which helps keep participants engaged. Attendees of our workshops will leave with practical tools they can apply in their day to day roles or in the management of their own businesses.

Having had many years experience presenting workshops to a range of audiences, our team can tailor the seminar or workshop to meet your specific needs and ensure examples given are relevant to your particular business. We can also incorporate a range of topics into a full day workshop for example a mixture of strategy, costing, financial analysis and human resource issues are often a popular combination.

There is a wide range of topics which can be presented as either face to face workshops or webinars.



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